Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia

Product Description

Sugar MagnoliaTM Skin Conditioning Maximizer has everything delightful and everything you need for a great-looking, long-lasting tan.

The fresh, reviving aromatherapy of its light floral fragrance is the first thing you’ll notice. But, don’t let that sweet scent fool you, Sugar MagnoliaTM is a potent tanning lotion as well. It’s packed with herbal elements to improve your skin’s natural melanin production and give you dark, natural-looking color fast. And, exotic fruit extracts and naturally derived vitamins and nutrients condition and protect your skin, leaving it hydrated and silky smooth.

Sugar MagnoliaTM: for a tan that will blow your mind.


Intensifiers contain natural ingredients that help the skin naturally achieve dark, bronze color.
They trigger and boost melanin production and the distribution process to achieve skin’s highest natural color potential.