Product Description

Finally, Hollywood hype you can believe in!

HYPTM Hypoallergenic Maximizer by Hollywood Tans® is a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, dye-free, bronzer-free indoor tanning lotion that’s packed
with all the nutrients, soothing moisturizers and powerful odor-blockers you crave, but without irritating allergens or fragrances.

Perfect for tanners with sensitive skin, HYPTM is also preferred by day-time tanners who demand a great tanning lotion, but don’t want tell-tale dyes, bronzers or perfumes.



Intensifiers contain natural ingredients that help the skin naturally achieve dark, bronze color.
They trigger and boost melanin production and the distribution process to achieve skin’s highest natural color potential.


One of our specialty lotions is a Coolant.
Coolant products are for those who like to feel a cooling sensation on the skin during and immediately after tanning.

These products contain special skin cooling ingredients like menthol that help counteract the heat of the tanning booth by drawing warmth away from the skin.