Product Description

No glow? No Bueno!
Bring on radiant dark color and keep your tan longer with Hollywood Tans’ exclusive Caliente™ Dark Tanning Bronzer with tingle. With 4 tan extenders, a dash of tingle and a seductive, spicy fragrance, there’s finally an indoor tanning lotion to match your nature. Muy picante!


Tingle tanning lotions are for advanced tanners who like to experience a warming sensation during tanning and to see a reddening effect on their skin after tanning. Tingle is a benzyl nicotinate which stimulates and increases microcirculation of the skin for greater, more intense tanning results. Tingles should be tested on a small area of skin before complete application.

They are not intended for sensitive skin or skin without a base tan. Tingles are also not intended for facial or delicate areas of the body or for outdoor use. Make sure to wash hands after use and use special care when handling pets and children as the effect could be transferred to skin even hours after use. The effect can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours depending on the intensity of the ingredients and the sensitivity of each individual’s skin which is why testing a small area is recommended. If skin needs cooling afterward, an aloe based gel with lidocaine is recommended.