Booty Lotion

Booty Lotion

Product Description

Developed by Hollywood Tans® in partnership with leading skin care experts, Booty Lotion has been specially formulated to give you the firmest, smoothest and most luscious booty…evah!

Applying the latest advancements in skin care science and using state-of-the-art production methods, our experts have created an ultra smooth and luxurious lotion that firms and tones while keeping skin silky smooth and soft.

Use Booty Lotion regularly and you won’t be the only one to notice the results.


One of our specialty lotions is a Coolant.
Coolant products are for those who like to feel a cooling sensation on the skin during and immediately after tanning.

These products contain special skin cooling ingredients like menthol that help counteract the heat of the tanning booth by drawing warmth away from the skin.