Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

Product Description

The result of an exclusive collaboration between Beautiful Disaster , the fresh, new brand that’s been embraced by Hollywood’s brash rising stars, and Hollywood Tans®, the leading name in indoor tanning, Beautiful Disaster TM Epic Bronzer was developed for women who have something to say, and who aren’t afraid to say it.

Beautiful DisasterTM is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle: it’s where glam and street hook-up for a cocktail. Speaking of cocktails, want our favorite

Get a bangin’ tan with Beautiful DisasterTM Epic Bronzer, mix it with your favorite beverage…and . Express yourself with an amazing tan.


There are two types of bronzers – Natural bronzers which use natural based extracts to provide immediate color to the skin that lasts one-to-two days.  The natural extracts in these bronzers are considered cosmetic bronzers because they add color to the skin, much like cosmetic make-up.  Then, there are Delayed bronzers which use the self-tanning agent Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to increase dark color.

Erythrulose is often used in conjunction with DHA.  Both are sugar cane extracts that chemically darken the protein in the skin, the more DHA used, the darker the shade of brown.  The color typically lasts four-to-seven days and is seen within two-to-four hours after application.